I’m Lucy Ko

Hi, I'm Lucy, a creative Ukrainian freelancer residing in Chernihiv. Despite the heavy bombings by the russians in March 2022, our city and its resilient people have not given up. Through this website, I aim to bring more value and contribute to the Ukrainian army, inching closer to victory each day.

Over the past decade, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with exceptional teams to design websites, develop apps, enhance products, and create engaging content for blogs and landing pages. During my leisure time, I enjoy strolling, capturing moments of Chernihiv, immersing myself in music, learning new things, and expressing myself through art. Welcome to my portfolio!

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I’m Lucy Ko

What I Love Doing

I love helping businesses grow, no matter which skills I use: analytical, technical, or creative. I take every task seriously.

Market Research

Ensuring the content is accurate, relevant, and resonates with the target audience


Crafting captivating content that engages and persuades, delivering impactful messages.

UX Prototyping

Creating seamless user experiences with interactive prototypes that bring ideas to life.

Translations UA/EN/ru

Breaking language barriers with accurate and culturally sensitive translations.

Friendly Support

Ensuring positive client experience with prompt and helpful assistance.

Art and Photography

My hobby is capturing emotions and stories through photography and art.

Let’s dive into your project! Together, we’ll achieve your business goals.

Drop a line and I will get back to you asap.